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The Big Bear Museum

The Big Bear Historical Museum first opened to the public in 1982. It is located in Big Bear City just off of Greenway. The Big Bear Museum is the most visible result of the hard working volunteer members of the Big Bear Valley Historical Society, who have been working tirelessly since 1971, to collect, document, […]

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Early Roads Into Big Bear

In the early 1880’s, Big Bear Village, Fawnskin, and Big Bear City didn’t exist. The only community in Big Bear Valley was a little mining town at the north/east end of Baldwin Lake called Baird’s town, and the only two roads into the valley were actually trails.The only community in Big Bear Valley was a […]

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Fawnskin – A Brief History

As a result, Fawnskin’s rapid development slowed to a crawl, and all of the early resorts that once dotted the north shore of the lake, except for one, eventually disappeared into history. Meanwhile, new development along the south side of the lake escalated, and has continued unabated to this day. But you won’t hear any […]

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