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A Day On Big Bear Lake With Elvis Presley

The Hollywood Film industry and Big Bear Lake have a long history that began in 1911, and continues to this day.   Back in 1962, Elvis Presley was in Big Bear Lake making a movie called “Kissin’ Cousins”.  In this video, Noel Blanc and Kim Sweet help us tell the story of what happened when Elvis […]

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The Forgotten Dam At Big Bear Lake

Between the time that the Rock Dam at Big Bear Lake was built in 1884, and today’s multi-arch dam was built in 1912, there was a failed attempt to build a larger dam that would have replaced the Rock Dam. It turns out that some of that old dam still exists today. This short video […]

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Three Village Theaters at Big Bear Lake

A historical look at the Southeast side of today’s Village Drive at Big Bear Lake, and of the three movie theaters that once operated there. The Historical images were provided by the recently published “Vanishing Big Bear-2” and from t…

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